Another TED Talks (Because We Love Them!)

This one doesn’t have as much to do with politics, we just really enjoyed it – what do you guys think?


TED Talks – Issues With Politics

This video raises some amazing questions about the political situations we live with every day. Watch and comment!


Is SEO Really A Business?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has taken off in the past few years. We wanted to get down and dirty to figure out if it is really a viable business, or just a fleeting scam of search engines.

We reached out to a number of local SEO companies in the Miami, FL area. 99.99% of them declined comments. However, we were able to get in touch with one of them and they were more than happy to provide inputs to our article.

Ryan Stewart is a digital marketing expert and owner of Webris, an SEO company inĀ  Miami. Ryan had the following to say about the topic:

SEO has become a huge industry because it’s hugely important! I mean, think about it. You use search engines to find almost anything, and the ones ranking on top are raking in all the money. I don’t think SEO is a scam – I think its just the opposite. I think it’s American – it’s giving the little guys the chance to beat the big guys. Why should Nike rank first for EVERY shoe out there? I think if a smaller website is better at using the internet then they have every right to out rank them.

Now, there is a right way and a wrong way to appear at the top, and Google rightfully penalizes those who do it as spam. If you want to rank on top of search engines you have to produce top content, shareable content, engage your customers and spread your online footprint as far as possible. This is A LOT of work, which is why SEO is so expensive. But when it is done correctly, it’s really the only form of marketing you need to invest in.

Since Ryan took the time to talk with us and provide us that quote, we decided to give him a shout out back. Here is a testimonial for Webris, from one of their customers:

View the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7HeTChi_i0

While Webris is one of the top ranked SEO companies in South Florida, they stay incredibly humble. Ryan gives back to the community on a regular basis by hosting food drives aimed at providing clean meals and shelter to local homeless. You can visit Webris on their Twitter page.

This was a very helpful interview, but we aren’t done. We want you guys to share your stories as well too.

Has your business ever worked with an SEO company? Did you see results? Would you work with them again?

Comment below and share your stories! We will be featuring some on our Facebook page, so please, voice up!

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Impeach, or Not To Impeach?

We’ll be featuring a number of videos on this website about the current state of politics and how it relates to business. Here is our first submission for you guys: